Analytics Implementation and Optimization

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If you can’t measure it, why do it.

At CCTG Marketing, we believe that if we take out all the guesswork in marketing it makes things a lot easier on all parties involved. Every aspect of internet marketing can be measured and everything can be improved upon. If you are lost in where your online marketing is and what it is doing for you, we certainly want to help and can help.

We take a nearly obsessive approach to analytics and data. We measure all success on a site, set goals, track, review AdWords campaignssocial media conversations, track e-mail marketing and more.

The big secret is to understand and interpreting the data. We will deliver to you monthly report that reflect actual activity for the given timeframe but we will also interpret what that menas from a marketing perspective to support your overall strategy and decision-making.

Let’s talk about how you can start measuring your results