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Commercial Capital Marketing Group has established additional marketing support capabilities for its clients and can assist in the ongoing development of your business.

Our PR Services team can generate meaningful exposure for your business in local and regional media. Leveraging the power of public relations will allow you to reach your prospects more cost-effectively than many other marketing and advertising efforts.

Earned media, such as publicity, rather than paid-for media (such as advertising or direct mail) is proven to have a greater impact because of its implied endorsement.  News and stories generated through publicity efforts can also be repurposed and merchandized via your website and other marketing, further leveraging the return on investment.

Let us help you develop and market your next public relations campaign

Full-service Launch PR

A focused 45-day Launch Package that is conducted by experienced PR pros in your key markets.

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Ongoing PR Campaign

A 12-month PR/Marketing service that will keep you in front of the reporters and media that your customers and prospects need.

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