How To Share Your Company LinkedIn Page

How To Share Your Company LinkedIn Page

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page for your business is a great way to leverage the professional social media network for quality organic traffic back to your website. However, how good is a company page if no one sees it?

Sharing and Developing a following on your company LinkedIn page is the most vital piece to using the platform as an effective marketing tool.

Here are some quick ways to leverage your contacts on your personal LinkedIn profile to develop followers for your company. After all, some of the best potential business clients are a friend of a friend.

Step 1: Visit your Company LinkedIn Page and Highlight the page URL ( CTRL + C )

Share Company LinkedIN step 1

Step 2: Navigate back to the Homepage

Step 3: Click in the “Share an update…” box and Paste your LinkedIn Company Page URL ( CTRL + V )

Share Company LinkedIN page

Step 4: Type an update about your Company, What you Offer, What makes you Different, and Finally a ‘Call To Action’.Click ‘Share’.

Sharing your company linkedin page

When looking to share a company update, blog post, press release, the process is very similar:

 Step 1: Highlight the URL of the article or page you want to share.

companyupdateStep 2: Navigate to your Company LinkedIn page, Paste the URL into the Status Update box. Write a compelling summary about the page, as well as a Call to Action.


If you are looking to share an already posted update, simply click the ‘Share’ button below the post.



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